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ZEN CINEMA#1 - Between Dreams and Reality

One day in October…..

Hello out there, I am Yosei, an intern in the business development division of Zenport!

Today, a mini-size, yet intriguing movie festival, AKA, “ZEN CINEMA” took a place, and I am here to present how it looked like.

What is “ZEN CINEMA” Anyway?

The First ever concept came out 2 months ago when a welcome party was held right after I had joined Zenport.

It was such a fun, pleasant, and welcoming party that we all were sincerely enjoying the moment.

That was when our Hawaiian designer, Kevin, out of nowhere, started playing the trailer of a movie titled “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” by Steven Spielberg,

He was like,

“This is the masterpiece!!, Y'all gotta watch this!!”

Yes, I agree. I know that the “AI” is indeed an epic movie.

But, most of the members have never seen this, and Kevin was upset.

That is why Kevin suggested,

“Why don't we all just watch it at the office?”

As he wished, following Friday, after the work, we watched the “AI” together, and we now made this a monthly event called “ZEN CINEMA” where Zenport members come together, watch movies and share that moment.

Today was mere the 3rd “ZEN CINEMA” day, but it is such a popular event within the company now.

How It Went This Time

This time, “ZEN CINEMA” episode 3, was about “Inception”, starring Leonard DiCaprio, directed by Christopher Nolan.

The film that won 4 academy awards with its avant-garde graphics and the ambiguous ending scene.

We all immersed ourselves in the world of “Inception”, notable for its complexity.

A shot from a setting-up-movie time,

Maxime sitting at the edge of a table is drinking a beer.

Watching a movie with pizzas on the table, with beer bottles in our hands. YESSSSSSSSS!!!

The movie started,

(so sorry, I was into the movie so much that I forgot to take a photo!!!. I don't even know what photo this is….)

Wrap Up

Today, Zenport members who normally work so hard just like all the other start-ups do was relaxed while watching the movie.

At Zenport, members from all over the world with different values and cultures come to one place, understand each other profoundly, and collaborate.

This is also the magnificent feature of Zenport!

I will be announcing more and more about Zenport.

Please stay put and look forward to seeing more about Zenport.!

See you soon:)

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