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ZEN Pirates #1 Kevin - I'll change obsolete enterprise software in Japan with imagination and creativity

Video game geek, skilled young IT engineer, attired in ripped pants yet humble. He stands out even in the office full of unique international members. Let us hear about his career, what drives him in this foreign land, and the future that he pictures.

Came to Japan for more challenges, more contribution to the world

ー He has a unique background and now working in Japan as an engineer. His name is Kevin Nguyen Huy, Vietnamese American from U.S.A. Hi, Kevin, can you first introduce yourself?

Sure. My name is Kevin Nguyen Huy. I’m from America, actually Hawaii. I was born in Hawaii in 1994 and grew up in Hawaii. I studied designing programming at University of Hawaii.

ー Oh, you are from Hawaii! Every Japanese loves Hawaii and wants to go there for vacation. After graduating from University of Hawaii, what were you doing before you joined Zenport?

I was working at University of Hawaii’s laboratory being hired and paid by university. I mainly worked on architecture designing things as an IT technician.

― Working at university as a specialist sounds very hard and challenging. After that, why did you decide to work in Zenport?

Of course working at university was hard and nice, but I wanted to join a startup to get harder and more challenging experiences to improve myself. Also, I wanted to create something new and innovative to solve the serious and critical problems in society as a leader of a designing department. Zenport’s product “Zenport” is trying to solve the complicated problems in an international industry and its influence is worldwide. That is very cool, isn’t it? Personally, I love Japan. This is also a big reason to come to Japan and joined Zenport. I love Japanese culture and wanted to see and feel how the life in Japan is.

More growth at Zenport

ー It's definitely harder to work and do business in a foreign countryーand at a startup nonetheless! I hope you are improving yourself as you wanted now. So, I’d like to ask you about your role at Zenport now.

As I mentioned before, I’m a designer, so I’m leading the UI/UX designing part of “Zenport”. At the same time, I often listen to and discuss with our business side members to adapt our product to the clients demand. I have to keep updating the design because the demand changes on a daily basis.

ー It must be pretty tough to keep updating the design and discussing with business side. Through the work at Zenport, what do you want to do or to be?

First of all, my designing programming skill is not enough yet. So I’d like to improve and develop my skills more, learning not only the design aspect, but also other areas to cover all aspects of front-end programming. Ideally, I’d like to do anything I want by myself. As of now, I’d like to provide more innovative and intuitive UI/UX design for “Zenport” to make it more attractive and solve the international trading problems.

ー You are still young, but I really feel your passion to learn new things and improve yourself. This is the final question, but to make “Zenport” a better product, what kind of person do you want to work together with?

I’d like to work with those who has an ambition to make a new product and learn something innovative and cool. Also, those who are eager to provide the world with something that does not exist now but must be needed and worth for the world.

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