What we do

Xione Group was founded in 2010 and is a leading provider of comprehensive information, physical and personal security, protection, investigative services and forensic analysis services to the highest level of integrity and professionalism. The Mission of Xione Group Xione Group strives to continuously analyse strategic threats and partner with our corporate clients to assist protect company assets, corporate executives, company personnel and facilities with state of the art security solutions throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Why we do

Xione Group provides businesses of all sizes, law firms, and government agencies with specialist physical and technology corporate security and risk management services. It has licensed offices in both Singapore and Hong Kong and is a registered Singapore Government Trading Partner. Our customers include multinational corporations, law firms, government agencies and private individuals - a reflection of Xione's hard work, integrity and customer focus.

How we do

The Xione Group consists of 35 experienced individuals each of whom possesses their own specialist skills obtained from a diversity of backgrounds including military, law enforcement, prosecution, intelligence/signal services and other government backgrounds. Each Xione Group team member is well known and respected in the security community and can be relied upon to engender trust and discretion in the services provided to our clients.