What we do

Giving Everyone An Equal Opportunity Horizon Events is an events agency with a unique approach. Since 2016, we have been helping our clients promote, build and grow their businesses through outsourced marketing.

Why we do

Our recruitment team works tirelessly to find individuals with the best-suited skills to represent our reputable clients. So if you're looking for an events-related job, contact us today to land your dream job! Our clientele includes a wide spectrum of industries: - Skincare - Cosmetics - Automobile - Lifestyle - Memberships, and more. Seek and You Shall Find We also provide: - Event Crew/ Assistants - Brand Ambassadorship Advertising - Online & Offline Campaigns Sales & Marketing - B2B & B2C

How we do

At Horizon, we are all about embracing the new. If you are looking for a fun, fulfilling and dynamic career, if you are passionate and love a fun-filled work environment, if you embrace challenges and are always thinking on your feet, we want you! Our team is fun, loud and all in a positive environment!