What we do

Wet Market is a community for food lovers. Whether you’re a foodie who’s always searching for the next restaurant to try, a homemaker wanting to make something different for dinner, or a restaurant owner looking to spread the word on the latest menu offerings. As Singapore’s Food Blog we aim to be your one-­stop resource for everything food ­related. We understand the impact of food on well ­being.Wet Market aims to make healthy living easier and more accessible by integrating all the information you need in one place.

Why we do

WetMarket is an international network platform that builds connections with all amateur and professional chefs coming on board - from seeking chef openings in a restaurant to recruiting a chef for your company. We also focus on content generation to engage international readers through the modernized digital media platform.  We aim to gather all the chefs in the world to share and explore the never-ending knowledge of learning culinary arts while creating mutually beneficial opportunities. Here you can interact with like-­minded individuals who share the same passion as you. We believe in educating consumers about good nutrition through recipes that feature fresh, wholesome ingredients and blog posts written by real people sharing their personal experiences on health and fitness.

How we do

We build connections between the industry suppliers and provide easy-to-read culinary articles for worldwide users.