Genesis Motion Design: Creativity in Motion

Make It Better

Established in 2015, Genesis Motion Design is a boutique Motion Design studio based in Singapore. Combining working cultures from California and Singapore, we focus on the growth of our team members, welfare, hard work, self-discipline and pride in one's work ❤️️ (Psst..We are more well-known internationally (specifically in the USA) compared to Singapore)

'Make It Better' is our core value. We strive to always make things better and constantly make waves in the design community. Fun fact: Our team's average age is 23 years old 😜

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

We're a tight-knit team that builds on each other's unique strengths 💪 This workflow may not be the most ‘business-savvy’ one but it allows us to unite to create a powerful front and improve our teamwork skills. It may sound daunting initially but the results are phenomenal! 🎉

Each and every one of us come to work knowing that we can focus on what we love to do and receive multiple opportunities to explore exciting projects and 'Make It Better'.

Aside from all the serious workload such as internal workshops/lessons, creative discussions, constant evaluations, we try to have a good time too. In a way, it feels more like you're going back to school with your classmates rather than slogging off at work on a cyclic 9-to-5 job 😀

Advice From Us, To You

✨ A high drive and passion for doing Motion Design work
✨ Great personality that is open and willing to learn, without the ego
✨ Self-initiative and constantly asking to do more than the required

And most importantly, 'Work hard. Play harder.' 💯