What we do

Variantz Reziden is an application platform ecosystem that connects any IoT device to internet, giving you the control via any mobile devices. Furthermore, connected devices would exchange the information captured by sensors. By combining and analyzing all the data, utilities become predictable and potential demand become visible.

Why we do

Designed specifically for Residential Property Estate, users such as Developers, Home Owners, and Property Managers are all starting to invest in tools and applications that alleviate time spent on manual administration, operations, and problem-solving. They’re signing up and the results keep them signing on. Technology is empowering them to do what they do best—increasing operational inefficiencies, attracting buyers, investors. and ultimately building next generation homes that are NOT ONLY SMART, but Connected, Intelligent, Adaptive, with Assisted Robotics.

How we do

It goes without saying that the greatness of an organization is as good as the people who put their hearts and soul into it. Here at Variantz, we make sure our people give their best and receive the best, regardless of who they are, what they do, and how pivotal they are in making Variantz uniquely spectacular.