What we do

United Oil Company Pte Ltd, a joint-control venture with Singapore-listed United Global Limited and Madrid-listed oil major Repsol, manufactures a wide range of lubricants which are distributed throughout our extensive network spanning more than 40 countries across the globe. An established, independent lubricant manufacturer with blending facilities in Singapore and Indonesia with a combined capacity of 140,000 metric tonnes, United Oil produces a wide range of high quality, well-engineered products under its in-house brand, “United Oil”, as well as a host of third-party brands. Our company is an independent lube oil blending plant. The company engages in manufacturing, product development and marketing of lubricants and oil specialties for automotive, industrial and marine applications, as well as metal working fluid. Since its incorporation, it has embraced an attitude of ultimate value, which has earned it a reputation of being a reliable supplier of high quality lubricants and oil specialties.

Why we do

The management team is committed to adapt to changes in order to meet the evolving standards of excellence. This results in on-going reinvestment in the maintenance and growth of modern and efficient facilities.

How we do

WE believe in Reliably providing our customers with good performance products at a price Level considered as 'Value for Money' . with today's technology developing rapidly requiring engineering performing lubricants, WE are committed to meet industry demands with a range of products that is technology led. Giving our customers 'Value for Money' continues to be our company's core value. This enables our customers to be more competitive using the full set of benefits from our competitively priced products. In addition to producing our range of United Oil's brand of lubricants, we also provide contract blending services for private labels and supply high quality base oils and additives to our associates.