What we do

TOEmployment specializes in foreign manpower placement in the field of Hospitality, Retail and Food & Beverages for the Singapore market. We ensured that the candidates are well-trained before placing the right people for the right job. With our wide establishment with various educations and skills training providers all around the world, we are able to supply skilled workers for the local scene. ToEmployment consists of multiple companies, schools and association in partnership to empower lives by delivering high quality training, education and career development. We offer customized services that help improve the productivity of workers while helping them to improve their competitiveness and achieve their career ambitions. This support organizations to grow their people and deliver business performance improvement.

Why we do

We believe in providing to our clients a one-stop hub for skills development and work enhancement to their workforce through our wide diversified partnership solution. This enables them to maximize productivity effectiveness with minimum time spent. At the same time, we specialized in on-demand manpower for events locally. Our candidates are well-versed with experience and knowledge in the field of hospitality, retail and F&B areas.

How we do

Helping people all around the world get their dream job, dream workers!