What we do

Tipsy Collective is a multi-concept holding group led by a team of passionate individuals who seek to present hospitality uniquely through a series of thoughtful concepts. Check out our other outlets: • Tipsy Bird • Tipsy Penguin • Tipsy Bunny • Tipsy Panda • OT Bar • Tipsy Flamingo • Tipsy Unicorn • Jelebu Dry Laksa

Why we do

Tipsy Collective's brand and its foundation was built from the client lens as a basis for everything we do. It is this exceptional client loyalty and our talented employees that form our bedrock. Whether it's celebrating a special occasion, organizing a business meeting, or just having a casual get together with friends, we hope to bring forward a pleasant and memorable experience.

How we do

Crafting experiences is what drives us at Tipsy Collective, we do so with carefully curated elements through Live Entertainment, Gourmet Food and Premium Drinks. More importantly, each concept has a convivial core and an element of fun. We strive for consistency and excellence at all levels to ensure that each guest's experience is engaging, enriching and meaningful. Our goal is for every customer to walk out of our place feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on any challenges ahead.