What we do

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The New Luncher's business model is one of the first of its kind in Asia. It reflects the food revolution movement. Parents subscribe with the flexible service online at www.thenewluncher.com and create a meal plan to suit their children's needs and preferences. Meals are then cooked following their orders. Only high-quality fresh ingredients are used and the lunchboxes are delivered to schools in the children's hands in sustainable packaging on time for lunch.

Why we do

Online ordering!
Searching for the best ingredients
We know how to create healthy gourmet meals that promote wellness and develop children's palates. With the knowledge that children are the future, we assist parents in keeping their children healthy and we help children become lifelong mindful and healthy eaters.

How we do

Our wonderful chefs cook from scratch
Our delivery heroes
The New Luncher is a revolutionary way for busy parents to take charge of the healthy nutrition of their children outside the home. The savoir-faire in place is unique as it combines the nutritional needs of children and culinary art.