What we do

Founded in 2013, we started making food videos that turned into easy-to-follow Asian recipe videos on Youtube. But we’re more than that! As we grow our YouTube channel, we’re exploring different series where we play with food, talk to chefs and eat. We are a media production house for all things food, too. So, think: food commercials, drink ads, etc. That’s where our production team gets creative and creates all sorts of mouth-watering content.

Why we do

Sharing Singapore food culture & sharing good food that people can easily do at home! We’re a lean team of meaty people from the little red dot, Singapore. Being in one of the most culinary diverse countries, food runs in our blood (almost literally). We love food so much that our hawker culture is on a UNESCO list! #SGProud Meatmen started humbly in a home kitchen with enthusiasm to show the world how easy it can be to recreate hawker dishes at home. Every day was an adventure to the hawker centres and wet markets – devouring delicious dishes, analysing flavours and noting down which ingredients were the best to reproduce such flavours at home. Over time, our appetite grew. We craved different cuisines – some found in Singapore and others not. We wanted to savour them all. So, we researched and made recipe videos to satisfy our cravings. Along the way, people started noticing and they wanted more. And we got to give the people what they want, right?

How we do

Our journey has taken us from amateur cooking hobbyists to YouTubers to food video production agency. We’re constantly growing and evolving to keep up with our insatiable desire to try everything – every dish, every camera angle, every plating style.