What we do

At EngX1 (Engine X), our mission is to create an extraordinary impact on the fitness and health industry in the world through our innovative products and solutions powered by technology and creativity.

Why we do

The Gym Pod’s mission is to provide the space, tools, and knowledge for anyone to exercise and get fit. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to #JustGetStarted or already a fitness professional, we welcome you to enjoy the most private workout you’ll ever get! OUR VALUES INNOVATION - We use technology to continuously make fitness easier and more accessible for you. Through our automated pods, our app, and unique ways of training, we will always aim to deliver innovative fitness solutions. PROGRESS - Everyone’s fitness journey is different, and it’s not always easy. No matter what roadblocks may come along the way, we are here to help you grow in the right direction. PRIVACY - Some people are more comfortable working out behind closed doors. Others just hate queueing for equipment. We want to give you the space to workout in without any unnecessary distractions. RESPECT - Whether you’ve never step foot inside a gym before, or you’re training for your next marathon, we welcome all to our Gym Pod community and treat everyone with the same respect.

How we do

We are a small family of dreamers, driven by the same vision: to bring on positive changes to people's life through fitness. As a team, our strength lies into our diversity of backgrounds, interests and cultures. We have an open office environment but our team works almost entirely remotely, which fosters interactions and fast paced decisions, and yet provide us with the flexibility and privacy to perform at our optimal level.