What we do

The Bubble Tea Factory is Singapore's first all-things bubble tea immersive experience. Our event is designed to provide visitors with a fun, happy and “Insta-worthy” experience, allowing them to have all their senses stimulated - sight, smell, sounds, taste, & touch - as well as learn more about the drink they have come to love. The two months exhibition will run from mid-October to December in a prime location in Central Singapore. The space will be transformed into a happy wonderland where visitors escape from the mundane and immerse themselves into an alternate fantasy bubble tea world.

Why we do

The company was named after a place in Catalonia, Spain, which also translates from the Catalan language to mean “the new farmhouse”. This became the vision of the team once it was conceived - to build a new space together where they would go on to raise the bar in imagining, building, and developing experiential concepts and events to spread positivity wherever they go.

How we do

1. People first. Always. 2. There’s no problem here, that is someone else’s problem. 3. Communicate frequently and fearlessly. 4. Be Obsessed about your work. 5. Constantly aim to Break your ceilings. 6. The minimum passing grade is excellent. 7. Do not let the need to be right, be more important than the need to find out what’s true. 8. Be relentless.