What we do

The Brain Academia is the premier provider of holistic training programs for the full cognitive development of the brain. Together with our mission statement of "Changing Lives, Unleashing The Fullest Potential", our core belief is that every person can excel to their fullest given the right tools and skills. From brain research to application, we deliver the most cutting-edge cognitive training to unleash the full learning potential of the brain. We offer scientific brain-training programs for enhancing cognitive skills - underlying learning and processing capabilities - to make learning easier and faster. We help build underlying learning skills and give better tools to help them function far more effectively at school, work and at play.

Why we do

Our vision is to create a future where every brain is optimized. Singapore has one of the best education systems and best-managed country in the region. Beyond that, we need the brightest and sharpest minds to lead us in our VUCA ( volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity ) environment. Our mission is to Enable & Empower as many as we can to develop our young brains for the future of our survival and growth.

How we do

TBA's scientific assessments will help to identify and recommend suitable programs to enhance the brain's mental strengths, correct its weaknesses and accelerate learning regardless of age and the level of mental skills.