What we do

The Body Firm offers non-invasive, safe, painless and effective body toning/shaping treatments, excellent cellulite solutions and a wide range of facials. “When you look good, you feel good” – This is the belief Joyce and Stephen, the husband and wife team behind The Body Firm, hold firmly to. Fuelled with a passion to help people look their very best. The Body Firm was born with the conviction that taking a holistic approach towards health and beauty enables the positive changes that our clients are searching for. Bringing a wealth of beauty advisory services since its inception in 2007, The Body Firm strives to go above and beyond for our clients.

Why we do

Our Bespoke Approach All women and men have different goals and agendas when it comes to beauty treatments, so a “one-size-fits-all” approach will not work, or give limited results at most. Which is why The Body Firm is dedicated to offering highly customised body and face treatments that address each client’s specific beauty needs. Through one-to-one consultations, we spend time understanding your body and skin conditions in details before prescribing individualised and targeted solutions to achieve long lasting positive effects on the skin and meet your beauty needs, effectively and safely.* When you book a body or face treatment at The Body Firm, you are sure to always get the best experience. There’s no hidden cost or hidden agendas. You are given the same top-of-the-line quality care, no matter if you are here for a free trial or a premium beauty treatment.

How we do

Honestly and integrity. Our goal is to expand our brand offering not only a great experience for customers but a place where employees are happy and fulfilled . Friendly staff, caring, fair & understanding employers. Reasonable & achievable individual targets.