What we do

That Marketing Guy is designed to perform as a natural extension of your business. Because everyone here believes that all companies deserve good marketing. We can support the marketing team with an array of activities. From online marketing - digital marketing; content creation; social media management; to traditional advertising - creative development; media planning & procurement; and tactical PR efforts. This list pretty much goes on…

Why we do

Imagine a world where companies exist not for the pursuit of profit, but for the purpose of creating value and effecting positive change in their communities, countries and for humanity... We want to make this our reality. We want to work with companies to find their purpose, to help them evolve into brands that engage instead of transact; has advocates instead of customers; and profit as a byproduct instead of an outcome. Most importantly, they don't just exist, but live forever in the psyche of generations and become a part of the culture and history. Good marketing accelerates this vital transformation: We see empathy and authenticity as the building blocks of brands, and these values stem from within the organisation and permeates through the entire business. That, as well as being just the right amount of obsessed with nurturing long-term relationships with the customer. Fundamentally, we view brands as manifestations of our collective human desire to connect and communicate - this is a beautiful and powerful thing. As marketers, we are morally obligated to wield this power responsibly and meaningfully. There is nothing that excites us more than the opportunity to work with kindred spirits - big or small - to support them in the always-on journey of value creation.

How we do

- Start with Why - Solve for the Customer - Simplify - Be an Owner - Draw the Owl - No Shenanigans - Be Bold - Never Settle - Spark Joy