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What we do

Ned Desmond, COO of TechCrunch, speaking at TechCrunch Shenzhen
We connect China's ecosystem to the world through media and events
TechNode is a leading international technology media platform in China. We educate our international audience by providing accurate and unbiased coverage, in-depth analysis and helpful insights on essential information and trends on Chinese startups and technology, which include not just the big boys, but everyone, and the ecosystem that comes with it. TechNode is also the exclusive China partner for TechCrunch. in other words, if you’ve heard of us, what we do is really simple - we just write. A lot. We are obsessed with developing and promoting entrepreneurship and tech in China.

Why we do

Our CEO, Lu Gang, on what drives TechNode at TechCrunch Shenzhen
See the future and hold it in your hands
We want to tell China's exciting economic tale in first person, as seen from our eyes. We seek to fuel startups to fly higher and faster than they can on their own. We want to help venture capital reach and energise brilliant ideas, both from and to China. We want to help corporate partners and other big companies to come in and be the pillars for the ecosystem. If you identify with this vision, work with us to see a whole new era begin, right here from China.

How we do

At TechNode, we work hard together to achieve our vision: to tell China's story through the eyes of its startups and the community behind it. We are living, breathing proof that the ecosystem is thriving and we want to support it to make it better and more efficient for the world that we live in. We work in small groups, we move fast on good ideas and are not afraid to fail. We see every opportunity as a learning experience, and we know we are never alone in trying something new. Though geographically diverse, we make it a point to communicate and share our lives together often at team meetings and of course at our offline events.