Trade Secret of Financial Advisory

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What we do?

The Financial advisors pits different insurance companies product against each other for the benefit of our clients. Financial advisors are also investment enthusiast and mostly practice what we preach when it comes to sharing our opinions on the market. We seek exclusivity and accessibility for the retailest of the retail clients to get the best discounts available and investment products that are exclusive only to High net worth. We provide the best insurance and financial deals and recommendation available in our arsenal.

Why we do?

We want to win, we want to be better, we want to beat our competitors (agents, bankers, other financial advisors). By doing what we do, we get the deal. Simple as that.

How we do?

Warm market, cold market we tackle them all. We have great digital skills and product knowledge across different platforms. We help aspiring advisors warm up to this role and we impart our business acquisition skills to them.

Describe your job position?

Freedom. But, no basic pay, have an office but you can just work from home for full time. Freedom is a double edge sword, you need to be able to sell financial products by providing proper advise for ethical reason as well as holistic financial planning to get more for less. You also need all the necessary papers to be able to start. 21 years old minimum age have diploma or A level.

Since there’s no basic pay, PR and Singaporean is favoured.

If you’re good, you should be able to make 6 figures each year. Most of our advisors achieved that

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