What we do

SUP lets you find friends and strangers who are nearby and available right now to meet. We want to evoke delight at being able to find friends and companionship, turn the previously serendipitous into the routine, and make it so no one ever has to eat — or be — alone. We have a video too! Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXQsRbPsN64

Why we do

It's easy: We want to make it super simple to meet people you know that are near you. ▶︎ Make every moment count Dying to leave your cubicle and want some company for coffee? Have many friends near where you work but never have time to catch up? Make every moment count — check SUP to see who's available, nearby, NOW, when you want it. ▶︎ Enjoy experiences with someone who matters Looking for a drink after work to unwind? Have a midnight supper craving but don't know who to call? SUP allows you to find the right person whenever, wherever, so that you can enjoy experiences — together. ▶︎ Make the serendipitous routine Remember the time you walked into Starbucks and found the new friend you met at the party last week? Or when you bumped into an old schoolmate on the MRT home? By making your social graph — and more — available, SUP makes these warm surprises a part of your everyday life, allowing you to connect with people you've always wanted to meet.

How we do

We're still a super new team, so if you want to join us bring a lot of ideas and heart to the project. And of course, we're our own best users and love to go out! You'd be a perfect fit for us if you come and grab a meal with us.