Video Creators' Mastercourse (feat. Nas Daily) Launches Today!

Just launched a really fun mastercourse comprising 3 in-demand video creation skills for business builders, marketers and social media enthusiasts 😉

Believe me, this wasn't easy to put together and the team at Hureca Consulting has poured in EVERY single ounce of our heart and soul to get this off the ground.

In a landmark move, we've brought Nas Academy on board as well, in addition to 2 amazing trainings (professional LIVE Streaming production and Tik Tok for Businesses) delivered personally by our coaches.

Past and existing learners with Hureca who completed 3 of our WSQ digital marketing masterclasses will enjoy a members' privilege of only 50 dollars (YES!) to enrol in this brand new mastercourse.

New enrollees enjoy a subsidised rate as well, subject to terms and conditions.

I invite you to check out our microsite for more info about our programme, pricing and upcoming class intakes https://www.hureca.com.sg/vcm

I hope you'll enjoy our programme as much as we've enjoyed puttng this together for you ❤️

Yours Truly,

Marc Wong
Head, Digital Marketing and Engagement
For Hureca Consulting Pte Ltd

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