What we do

Transforming the future of hourly work. StaffAny’s mission is to shape and empower the future of work. We provide our users with a remedy that streamlines and automates their painful Operations and HR processes. Our users rely on our superpowers to understand their frustrations and we are here to empower them to make time for what they love.

Why we do

Humble Beginnings StaffAny started off as a school project. Janson, our co-founder, used to manage a bar in 2014. Realising that the tools available to manage shift workers were ineffective, he co founded a team of problem solvers to develop StaffAny whilst in the Bay Area under the NUS Overseas College program. Slowly, the early team (Jeremy, Kaiyi, Eugene and Jiayi) continued work on StaffAny whilst in college, and the early belief from early adopters as well as the difference it made to the people it served convinced the team to work on it full time. That resulted in StaffAny, a Silicon Valley inspired, Singapore built workforce management solution that enables businesses and their staff to do what matters. Scheduling, Timesheets & Timeclock Software Tools for productivity & labor cost efficiency. With just the click of a button, save hours spent on employee scheduling with StaffAny - a staff rostering software. This online rostering tool is used by both large and small businesses. Manage your team's schedules, time tracking and timesheets all in one place. Why rosters using excel spreadsheets, when you can save time and money with a rostering app that does more than just organize shifts!

How we do

Transforming the future of hourly work. StaffAny’s vision is to enable a connected workforce. Built on the basis of trust and transparency, we empower everyone in hourly work industry to truly do what matters. Our Values We're Familiar - We are like a friend to our customers. We are just a message away, and we proactively check on them from time to time. We're Empathetic - Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We always take the time to listen and understand their point of view, and strive to help them first. We're Fresh - We bring new energy to the game. We are fired up about the new opportunities ahead, and our enthusiasm is contagious. We're Empowering - We’re the sidekicks to our superheroes (our customers) and no matter the job, we’re here to offer support. We affirm and celebrate wins together.