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Our family of financial services consultants in SP-Affluence strongly believe in understanding clients’ priorities and goals in their lives is the cornerstone of a life-long financial planning. You can trust us and capitalize on our wealth of experience to be instrumental in helping you to build a robust financial plan that will go a long and sustainable way.

Why we do

To empower all people with the opportunity to appreciate the essence and benefits of planning and achieving financial goals in their lives. With patience and sincerity, we dedicate our honest and professional advices to tailoring a holistic financial plan for our clients so as to enhance their financial preparedness and weather through challenging time in lives.

How we do

The journey of financial planning begins with our state-of-the-art Financial Health Review and Business risk review process. Each of our conversant and amicable financial services consultants will walk you through our comprehensively tailored process to kick start your journey to achieve your goals in life. Business landscape has evolved tremendously and we are operating in today’s environment that we are facing with challenging risks from all perspectives. In order to safeguard your interests while aligning with your business strategies, it is our forte to help your organization to mitigate the risk exposure so as to protect your profitability and sustainability.