What we do

SOJAO is a direct-to-consumer bedding and home lifestyle brand within Singapore and the region. We curate a collection of stylish, luxury-grade bed linens, towels and loungewear at an accessible price-point. SOJAO Means ‘go to sleep’ in Hindi, and was chosen as a tribute to the Indian cotton farmers behind our best-selling bed sheets.

Why we do

Our mission at SOJAO is that we don’t see sustainably made goods as a privilege, we see it as a modern necessity. We want the best possible night’s rest not only for our customers, but also for our entire supply chain - right down to the cotton farmers and their families. We believe in humbly doing our part to close the global inequality gap. And for us, it starts with a simple daily ritual: Sleep. Our Story “Bed sheets?” That’s the most common response we get when we share what we do. Well, we simply couldn’t find what we wanted – super soft, great-looking sheets that were ethically made yet affordably priced for their quality. Very organically (pun intended), we took on the task to create it. We built SOJAO from the ground up and launched in early 2018. Our belief is that you can do good while filling your home with the best. Ethically-made, organic luxury isn't just a privilege. Just like sleep, it's universally important for everyone. Priscilla & Janice, Co-founders of SOJAO

How we do

SOJAO is a fast-growing, young and passionate team with a strong brand identity.