What we do

Linkflow Capital is a Singapore based startup specializing in SME financing. We operate a business loan portal marketplace at https://smeloan.sg/business-loans-compare for SMEs to compare and match all available financing options. SMEs can also utilize our SME loan assessment tool to check their eligibility and see all business loan options instantly.

Why we do

Small businesses are disproportionately impaired when it comes to business financing, compared to mainstream banks lenders. Much of this disproportion in power mechanics lies in the lack of information and clear explanation of banking terms. We aim to bring the power balance back to SMEs by bridging the information gap between SMEs and lenders. By arming SMEs with clear, simplified terms of financing stripped of technical jargon, we strive to empower SMEs with information to make better financing decisions. By aggregating all business loan products in one consolidated portal, SMEs can also have more financing options to compare and benchmark against.

How we do

Linkflow Capital will seek out more source of financing funds alternative lenders and private financing options to our portal so SMEs can have more financing choices and democratize the process of SME financing.