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What we do

SmartUp is the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer knowledge creation, sharing and exchange. Conceived and developed by a seasoned team of founders and investors behind Founders Forum, Spotify, Siri, and others, SmartUp now hosts more than 150,000 members and is used around the world by startup founders, companies, innovators, business schools and curious entrepreneurs.

Why we do

By 2025, the corporate learning market is estimated to worth US$325 billion. However, it is broken, and employees are dissatisfied with legacy LMS and classroom training. SmartUp is disrupting the corporate learning industry with our mobile-first, microlearning knowledge-sharing platform. With SmartUp, anyone can easily create and share knowledge within their communities. Organisations can now gamify their learning content to drive engagement and track learning journeys - without losing context, credibility, and meaning. Because millennials rate learning and development as a top job benefit, we want to help organisations engage their millennial workforce in a meaningful way that is fun and inspiring.

How we do

Clients are turning to SmartUp to energise their learning. They love our intuitive, powerful content platform that allows for easy content creation. The platform is great for knowledge sharing AND designing adapted learning journeys for different groups within the organisation. Our gamification features and leaderboards drive competition between members, leading to high completion rates and improved knowledge retention.

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