What we do

SmartMore is one of the leading vision technology company, focusing on smart manufacturing and digital experience industries. It aims to bring customers a new era of smart economics through digitalization and digital transformation. Our mission is to keep innovating and to create excellence. With solid experience for over 20 years, SmartMore provides full-stack and end-to-end services with four-in-one solutions that include algorithms, applications, engineering, and chips. SmartMore has already successfully applied businesses covering consumer electronics, automobiles, semiconductors, new energy, entertainment, tourism, intelligent transportation, and other various industries. SmartMore has also served over 100 market leaders including Carl Zeiss, Airbus, Bosch, Canon, Continental AG, Schaeffler, P&G, and Unilever, etc. To know more about us, please visit https://smartmore.global/

Why we do

Digitization is Everywhere and Change our World SmartMore is one of the fastest growing vision companies providing all-in-one solutions for smart manufacturing and digital experience industries in the era of global economics. For companies with cutting-edge technology, SmartMore explores the possibility of successful implementation to overcome challenges for the entire production process. SmartMore focus on smart manufacturing and digital experience to realize industrialization and took the lead in the industry to facilitate software and hardware integrated products. We are your expert partner for business transformation.

How we do

Our Vision: - Keep Innovation - Create Values - Accelerate Growth - Strive for Excellence Our Culture At SmartMore, we believe innovation is a vital key to the growth of people and organization. We encounter challenges by making the flexible and best use of technology and creating value to our society. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and achieving success together with our partners.