What we do

We believe in inspiring and passionate teachers, who can really make a difference in a students' learning journey, and help them see meaning and purpose in whatever it is that they are learning. Smarter Me is a managed marketplace, but we are not a yellow pages of sorts. We are about passion, quality, and convenience. We do so by curating and personally screening experienced, passionate, quality teachers in sports, arts, music, dance, science and others, and enabling parents to find them, book, pay and manage reliably and seamlessly through one platform.

Why we do

Why Are We Here? We want to inspire people. Because learning takes on a whole new meaning and purpose with inspiration. We believe there should be a place where parents don’t have to waste hours researching, because they are assured of quality and fit. We believe in passionate educators, who can really help students see meaning and purpose in what they are learning. We believe in enabling adults do something for themselves, so that they can continue being that motivating and inspiring force for kids.

How we do

We are personable but no-nonsense. We are driven and fast-paced but extremely flexible. We are young, but also family-oriented. We are a startup, but we are experienced professionals. Our team is currently led by a Head of Strategy and Business Development at a multi-billion dollar company, an ex-Investment Banker and a serial IT entrepreneur - and we are going all out to make this work. As part of the founding team of a young company, you will have the flexibility and freedom to help grow and shape the company and brand, while getting ample guidance from experienced individuals. We're looking for someone who wants to be in a relationship and partnership with us, someone driven, excited, likes talking to people and solving problems, or just someone with tons of ideas and dying to carry them out! If you're looking for beanbags and ping pong table, then we're not really that. But if you're looking to leverage on tech to make a difference - to change the way people learn, then come chat!