What we do

We are a TCM Clinic in West Mall, Singapore. Some of our treatments include TCM Herbs, Acupuncture, Tuina, Bone Manipulation and Cupping.

Why we do

Relieve Pain Instantly and Effectively. We strive to demonstrate how Simpson can help solve problems - from headaches to migraines, giddiness, dizziness, numbness to Weakness, to Scoliosis and more, through the power of Chinese Medicine. We approach pain management in a unique way, and aim to change the game, redefine the manipulation, and making the treatment comfortably. Ultimately, we let the effectiveness speak for itself. We offer treatments such as Acupuncture, TCM Tuina, TCM Bone Setting/Manipulation, Pediatric Tuina, Cupping/Scraping, Moxibustion, Facial Acupuncture and more, including traditional herbs to treat many kinds of internal medical problems, such as gastric issue, insomnia, coughing etc.

How we do

With many years of experience, we understand and make it our mission to educate and let everyone know about the values of traditional Chinese medicine and its wonders.