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What we do

We are one of the few lucky Singaporean companies to graduate from Y Combinator (S16) and raise venture funding from top Silicon Valley and Singapore investors. Our mission is to help innovative sales and marketing teams become more productive, by automating mundane and repetitive work.

Why we do

Saleswhale Co-founders!
We believe in increasing productivity & human happiness, because life is short and we should focus on meaningful work. No sales rep enjoys spending their precious time reaching out to and following up with every single marketing generated lead. Especially when there are thousands of leads, many of which may not be ready to buy.

How we do

We introduce AI sales assistants to sales & marketing teams. The AI contacts every lead, without bias, and has one-to-one email conversations with them. Once a lead expresses interest in buying, the AI will hand the lead over to a human sales rep. Sales can focus on turning leads into customers, while marketing can be sure that all the leads they generate get followed through until they are ready to buy. Now that’s a win-win!