What we do

Founded in 1823, RI is the oldest school in Singapore and the premier educational institution for bright, high-achieving students here. A one-school, two-campus (secondary school and junior college) educational institution, RI has forged an impressive reputation among the local Autonomous Universities as well as top overseas universities, especially in the US and UK. Many of our distinguished alumni have taken on key appointments in the public, private and people sectors, contributing significantly to Singapore and the world through their strong leadership.

Why we do

Motto Auspicium Melioris Aevi (Latin for ‘Hope of a Better Age’) Mission Nurturing thinkers, leaders and pioneers of character who serve by leading and lead in serving. Colours The colours green, black and white are the standard colours of the House of Raffles. They occupy the central place in the crest and have been adopted as the colours of our school.

How we do

As an educational institution for high-calibre students, we are cognisant of our responsibility in supporting our students’ growth in their core talents as well as character development. We are also deeply committed in ensuring that RI remains a premier educational institution that is also community-anchored and inclusive. We believe that bright and talented students, regardless of their backgrounds, must have equal opportunities to benefit from a high-quality Rafflesian education. Thus, we provide financial assistance for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they may thrive and blossom as confident youths equipped with the skillsets to succeed in their areas of strength and passion.