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Reubiks Academy is an EdTech startup which focuses on creating Asia's number 1 education marketplace. We match private tutors to students, Tuition Centres to learners and trainers to students. All of this is done on a mobile app. We are the only education marketplace which provides a structured and different user experience for Private Tutors, Tuition Centers, Trainers and Learners.

Why we do

Screenshot of our App
Screenshot of our App
Through the Reubiks App we aim to increase accessibility to affordable, quality and nearby education providers for both Academic and Non-Academic Subjects. We also aim to bring the much needed transparency which the education marketplace needs. At the same time, besides transparency. the app also aims to bring efficiency to learners by reducing the average amount of time they spend sourcing and paying for lessons and courses.

How we do

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Reubiks Academy's Core Values: 1. Integrity 2. Transparency 3. Teamwork