What we do

In the realm of skills development, ‘Rescale’ denotes the vital process of enhancing and updating one’s abilities to navigate the evolving business landscape successfully. It involves training and development initiatives aimed at equipping individuals with the skills needed to adapt to new technologies, market trends, and organizational shifts. We believe the future of training is high-touch & high-tech! Real learning happens when it’s applied in real life, through “doing”, continuously improving and measurable outcomes.

Why we do

[Our Logo] The hourglass symbolizes the passage of time, with its red sand representing ‘passion’ and its connection to the limited time we have to make a positive impact. Our community consists of the 6 S’s (Students, Startups, Scientists, SMEs, Social Innovators, and Second Chances) collectively shaping the future of work. RescaleLab aims to be the catalyst for their strength, resilience, and growth, represented by the color green and the hexagon shape, signifying nature’s robustness.

How we do

[Our mission] To accelerate the development of training curriculum by using subject expert content and AI support tools, while measuring the retention and application of program information for each individual or team. [Our vision] To revolutionize the way training programs are managed, empowering organizations to enhance capabilities and drive better learning outcomes. - Never ventured, never gained - We are underdogs, bootstrapped and got our hands dirty for the past 6 years. We learned through serving our early customers, and that’s why we built RescaleLab to empower them to do more with less.