What we do

Quikbot Technologies is breaking new ground in revolutionising deliveries in urban spaces through the use of robots and various IOT devices. Our fleet of robots are designed to provide efficient, fuss-free and cost effective delivery solutions to offices and buildings through our proprietary cloud platform. As a leader in the field, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation to enhance efficiency, productivity, and automation to make delivery better.

Why we do

Our P2P Delivery Platform harness Robotic Technology & Data Analytics to achieve lower cost, high efficiency, jobs transformation & sustainability. Our goal is to drive the Future of Logistic in the Autonomous Last Mile Segment by lowering cost, enhancing efficiency, easing labour crunch & reducing carbon footprint.

How we do

Integrate with food delivery & ecommerce platform, couriers and postal services to capitilise on the autonomous final mile delivery network to help reduce the carbon footprint of the last mile delivery services.