What we do

Qourier is a local and international logistics service that connects you to thousands of verified Qouriers around you. Commonly deemed as the 'Uber for logistics', we aim to solve a mundane problem in our daily lives; queuing up at the post office to arrange for deliveries. Whether you are sending a document or a parcel to your customer, Qourier helps make deliveries a little less work.

Why we do

We believe in creating a work space where everyone can be vocal about their opinions and be able to express their thoughts openly. It is common for us to treat every staff and every intern equally as we believe that every individual supplies an equal contribution to what we do. Joining us would introduce you to our team of Qolleagues, a close-knit of awesome people that enjoys working together and also enjoys puns a little too much.

How we do

Qourier has achieved great strides in providing same-day delivery services for business clients all across Singapore. Moving forward, we aim to expand our services to new markets regionally to encourage more people to believe that logistics should be as simple as it is! One of our best learning culture is to always encourage each other to share interesting and inspirational stories among Qolleagues because good things must always share! ;)