What we do

Property Quotient is an independent media company that strives to be the leading provider of all information and content related to real estate, personal finance and home ownership.

Why we do

We believe in delivering bite-sized information that is easy to digest for the layman, but also providing content for readers who consider themselves more savvy within the industry. At the same time, we also help brands connect with our audience, through our content and digital marketing efforts. Till date, we’ve worked with international developers, property management firms, renovation portals, interior designers and furniture retail stores… the list goes on!

How we do

As a subsidiary of Redbrick Mortgage Advisory, Property Quotient seeks to engage customers at every stage of the property ownership cycle. From news and information within the real estate market, to all things related to home loans and mortgages (which is what we’re good at!), and finally, the home ownership aspect. Be it renovations or maintenance, we’ve got you covered!