What we do

We offer consultation services to our clients. What sets our financial consultants apart is our emphasis in providing sound advices for each client that walks in the door. We believe that all human beings want to succeed with their money. But the truth seems to be that it could be hard to do so. We totally get that and you don't have to be guilty of it.

Why we do

Our team is well-versed in the area of financial planning. We seek to bring clarity to your financial journey by using our 3-steps framework. With Mr Wesley Sng spearheading the team and having devoted the last 15 years to helping thousands of clients achieve financial security, our job is not just about selling and making claims for you. When you work with us, do expect clarity, sound advices and measurable returns. We help you keep stock of your financial journey and accurately interpret comparable policies by evaluating them and keeping you informed. These are values neither a search engine, robo advisor nor an app can offer you.

How we do

At Wesley Sng & Associates, we are a group of like-minded people who enjoy helping and offering our services. The work style here is engaging, enjoying, and relax.