What we do

Partipost is a platform which allows brands to tap into valuable peer to peer marketing, creating authentic marketing campaign which value engagement.

Why we do

Simply Efficient Marketing. Partipost increases your reach at a lower cost. - Partipost puts control back into your own hands - Do more with the same budget, Partipost value adds with real results. - Frequency is a powerful tool, remain top of your audience's mind without compromising quality or quantity. - Partipost offers you choices, work with Partiposters who best reach your target demographic.

How we do

What is it like working at Partipost? At Partipost, we value transparency and positivity. Making mistakes is part of learning and growing as an employee, a manager, a founder, and as a company. Enjoying your work and the people you work with is as important as the results that you produce. Why join us? Partipost is a fast moving startup where you can learn fast and progress fast as well! Let's impact the world and make real change.