What we do

Parking Duck is the Airbnb for parking spaces. Residential owners (hosts) can rent out their unused parking spaces for free on our platform. Drivers in need can find, book and pay online. Host and drivers use our internal chat system to set up meetings to exchange parking stickers/pass/cards. Why do host want to use Parking Duck? 1. Free to list 2. Easy communication with drivers 3. Accept or decline drivers 4. Earn money! Why do drivers want to use Parking Duck? 1. Save time 2. Save money 3. Save nerves! User Security: - Validate identity through social media accounts (Facebook, Email, etc) - Validate identity through official documents (Driver's license, car registration, etc) - Validate identity by connecting with PayPal or Bank Accounts - Photography service and parking space verification

Why we do

"While I was a consultant, I had to travel a lot to meet clients and realised that parking is a rare commodity in Bangkok. Office workers often vie for parking spaces, especially during the morning rush hour on major roads. This results in a lack of parking spaces and other problems because people double park, or park illegally on roads and in front of people's homes. However, I always saw parking spaces at condominiums that were unused most of the day. This gave me an idea. What if we could park in those spaces? Life would be so much better because you could park close to your destination and, in many cases, be safer when walking back to your car at night. People have already been renting out their spaces through channels like online forums, so I decided to create Parking Duck to connect drivers and people with unused parking spaces in a more secure way." Founder Paruey Anadirekkul in an interview for the Bankok Post (see link below).

How we do

We are very flexible, have worked with people with full-time jobs or running different businesses. If you are interested in working in a startup, but don't want to fully commit, we are the place! 1. Define your work hours 2. Unlimited days off 3. Equity 4. Experience of a lifetime 5. You will have a very big impact to what we do