What we do

The Pan-Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association (PARIMA) is a not-for-profit professional association dedicated to develop risk management as a profession and provide a platform for Risk & Insurance managers to connect. We aim to strengthen and enhance the culture of risk management by creating opportunities for education and dialogue within the community.

Why we do

PARIMA’S STRATEGIC PRINCIPLES​ PROMOTE We offer valuable programs & initiatives to promote the risk & insurance management profession in Asia. AWARENESS We increase awareness of the risk management community by contact and collaboration with risk managers, risk management professionals, organisations, authorities and other risk professional associations globally. RESPECT We treat our members and partners from the diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds with utmost respect and provide access to increase engagement and knowledge sharing which would benefit the PARIMA family INTEGRITY We are a leading professional association built upon a principle of integrity. MUTUAL We serve as the conduit to further the professional development and promote the mutual growth of the risk management community and risk management industry in Asia. ATTITUDE We adopt a positive and entrepreneurial attitude towards leading and developing key initiatives and collaborations with our partners.

How we do

OUR MISSION - Strengthen and enhance the culture of risk management - Create opportunities for education and dialogue - Spread best practices and knowledge​ We are a small team, from diverse backgrounds, ready to make an impact in the risk community in Asia Pacific.