What we do

POWER GROUP strongly believes in our CORE VALUES. Professionalism- Our staff are well qualified, dedicated professional & experienced, Also knowledgeable to meet our customer demand Quality – Is an integral practice and implemented at all levels to safe guard customer quality requirements and documentation Responsibility – We accept responsibility for the complete satisfaction of our customers, We exercise this responsibility through adequate and continuous training to our employees. Reliability - We believe in making our customers reliable by providing uninterrupted service with high reputation.

Why we do

Our Vision To be the dedicated and trusted service provider for our customers in the area of Mechanical, Hydraulic, Machining & Electrical Engineering. We always strive through for continuous improvement with our experienced team of management and engineers, who will contribute to the safety, quality, performance and competitive cost for our customer’s needs.

How we do

Our Mission POWER GROUP accepts the responsibility of complete customer satisfaction . We exercise this by providing adequate training through our employees skill development.