What we do

Relationships from the heart, solutions you can trust. We believe that financial solutions begin not on a sheet of paper, but from putting people first and foremost, before everything else. From the heartbeat of Asia to the region, we’re there. Based in Singapore, Orizal isn’t your traditional financial advisory firm. We’ve established strong networks and relationships with our partners from around the region, so as to provide our clients and advisors with access to more options, opportunities and flexibility.

Why we do

Orizal was born out of our desire to get back to the basics of financial advisory — providing financial education to people at our core. Combining years of standardized financial information experience, along with a deep desire to empathise with others, we are redefining what it means to be a financial advisor. The financial industry isn’t just about numbers. Singaporeans have enjoyed years of financial protection, granted by our successful financial advisory industry; chock full of people who are smart with finance, and knowledgeable in their craft. Even after years of being in the financial services industry, we continue to be amazed every day at the tenacity and abilities of financial advisors to give their all to their clients, and adequately protect or elevate their client’s standing, so that they may live a better, more secured life. Simply put, there wasn’t enough focus on the human element in the financial services equation. Because beneath the surface, financial advisors aren’t just consultants who look at the numbers - they’re people looking after people, in hopes of helping them to live a better life.

How we do

ORIZAL’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE ➩ Solutions, NOT selling: We believe that the industry is perceived the wrong way because of misguided and outdated methods. At Orizal, we show you the right way to create a meaningful career out of financial advisory - by providing solutions, not by selling. ➩ In designing your career to fit your needs: At Orizal, our most important objective is your opportunity. There are never 2 careers that are the same here; only tailored paths to fit your growth. ➩ In Work life balance: we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your time as you demand it. Life is more than just about work, and we want you to be fulfilled in both. ➩ Your time is important: we’ll never ask you to work anymore than you want to, because we know that family time is just as important. That means we also won’t waste your time teaching you unnecessary things. Just the ones that’ll take your career further ➩ People-first: at Orizal, you’ll NEVER be asked to “sell products”. Instead, we’ll teach you how to build trusted, long lasting relationships with people, become their trusted advisor and friend, and help them create win-win solutions that will reward you over and over across your career. ➩ You’re not just a “financial advisor”: Orizal’s launching a new model in the market, where we’re enabling a new way of helping our clients succeed in LIFE beyond just financial advisory. Play a critical role in this new movement. Learn more about this movement when you come for a friendly chat with our team. ➩ Financial advisory is just the beginning: We believe that financial advisory is a gateway to helping people do more in life - not just become financially independent. We’re looking for leaders and hustlers who can work with us to bring this realisation to life. Our people, our difference. At Orizal, we’re always looking for people who are hungry to learn, and passionate to share. When you join Orizal, you get access to: - A wide network of financial services providers and ancillary products (not tied to any one agency) - Always available mentorship to guide you through the complexities of financial advisory - Well-rounded professional and personal development opportunities that take you beyond standard financial consulting