What we do

Oatside is Asia’s delicious take on oat milk, made creamier and maltier than the plant milks you’re used to. We keep our labels clean (which means no gums, emulsifiers or preservatives) and we only use real ingredients (no artificial flavours, only real oats, cacao, hazelnuts).

Why we do

We know that plant milks are the sustainable future of milk, but taste is often a barrier. By being the best tasting not-milk, we want to be THE plant milk for people who don’t care for plant milks.

How we do

Oatside is a plant milk startup that specializes in producing sustainable, high-quality oat milk. Our mission is to provide a healthy and delicious alternative for those who do not enjoy traditional plant milks. We are committed to ensuring that our oat milk is sustainably sourced and unadulterated from our state-of-the-art facility.