What we do

Noggin is the world's first personal data exchange, blazing this trail through our pioneering mobile apps of Podsense and Podket.

Why we do

Our Vision is a world where every individual is empowered to monetize and manage his/her own personal data and privacy. Our Mission is to be the default marketplace where any individual could collect and use their enriched data for personalized value/benefits, and where sellers could obtain truly insightful consumer behavior related information; all with protection of personal privacy.

How we do

WHAT DO WE OFFER? - podsense - podket NOGGINPOD Each same user of Podsense and Podket will be given a Noggin Pod (“Pod”) for storing and sharing his/her contextual Privately Owned Data. The owner is called a Podder. As a person assumes different “actor roles” over time – as a consumer, shopper, professional, user, patient, seller, etc; so the Pod is uniquely organized to integrate the different datasets one generates.