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What we do

当社では、ウェブサイト制作、各種グラフィック制作、撮影をはじめとするクリエイティブ業務はもちろん、インターネット広告、システムソリューション、セールスプロモーションを連動させたご提案を得意としています。 お客様一人ひとりのニーズを掴み、コンセプトの策定、プロジェクトの設計、コンテンツの企画、映像・写真撮影、デザイン制作、インタラクションのプランニング・実装、システムの設計・構築、さらにはサイト公開後の分析、集客の広告提案までひとつひとつ丁寧に取り組んでいき、洗練されたクリエイティブ&アイデアでビジネスを成功に導きます。 NINE SENSE Inc. is a creative company that provides total solution for all your advertisement needs. We have worked on numerous projects and have cultivated know-how to succeed in advertisement, branding and internet business. We thrive in web development, graphic design, and photo shooting sessions. We are web designers, programmers, illustrators, photographers and directors. We share a talent for transforming your ides into engaging creative that captures imaginations across the world. We understand the needs of each customer and base on that to formulate concepts, designs, contents, and solutions. From planning to implementation to delivery of final product, whether it is a photo shoot, print material, internet advertisement, or website, we work diligently to make sure the client has what they need to succeed. NINE SENSE Inc. is a professional creative team consisted of members possessing nine essential qualities (imagination, observation, information, ability to take action, analytical ability, and improvement and networking skills). Through daily nurturing and development of these qualities, our staff make no compromise in ensuring that each and every project delivered appeals to the logical conception and intuitive senses of our customers from the beginning to the end.

Why we do

「富山ににぎわいと活力を、そして富山から世界へ」そんな想いから、2016年に制作拠点を東京から富山へとシフト。主なクライアントである東京の大手企業の案件を手がける一方で、富山のお店や中小企業の広告のお手伝いやECで海外進出を目指すお客様のサポートに勢力的に取り組んでいます 代表は富山のシェアNo.1の北日本新聞の販売会社の代表を兼務し、アナログとデジタルの両面から地域に根差したサービスの創出にも取り組んでいます。 立山連邦と豊かな自然に囲まれた富山で一緒にクリエイティブワークに没頭しませんか? 優秀なクリエイターのUターン、Iターンを積極的に採用中です。 "Bringing bustle and vitality to Toyama, and from Toyama to the world" From such passion, the production base has been shifted from Tokyo to Toyama. While handling the major clients in Tokyo, which is the main client, we are actively engaged in assisting customers in advertising at Toyama's shops and small businesses and supporting customers who want to expand overseas by EC Representative also concurrently serves as a representative of Toyama's No.1 Kitanippon newspaper sales company and is also working on the creation of services rooted in the local area from both analog and digital aspects. Why don't you devote yourself to creative work together with beautiful nature in Toyama? We are actively hiring U turns, I turns of excellent creators.

How we do

時代やテクノロジーの変化を敏感に察知し、ローカルとグローバル、アナログとデジタル両方の視点から自分たちだからこそできる新しい仕組みやサービスの構築を行います。 常に考えながら挑戦しつづける事で今までにない価値観を創り出します。たとえ躓いたとしても立ち上がり、遠回りをしたとしても前進しつづけます。 役員や在宅ワーカーのメンバーを含め、すべてのメンバーといつでもコミュニケーションが取れるオープンなオフィス環境を用意しています。また、Slack, Backlog,Freeeなどのツールも積極的に取り入れ、リモート環境でも可能な限りロスの少ない連携をはかっています。 まだまだ小さな会社ですが、オープンでフラットな組織・環境構築を心がけ、和気藹々と業務を行なっています。興味を持っていただけたら、是非気軽にオフィスに遊びに来てください。 We perceive changes in the times and technologies and build new mechanisms and services that can only be done by us from both local and global, analog and digital perspectives. We love to keep challenging difficult missions to creat new values. We have an open office where you can communicate with all members at any time, including officers and members of home workers. We also actively incorporate tools such as Slack, Backlog and Freee, and we are working on remote partnerships with as smoothe as possible. Although it is still a small company, we work with a sense of humor, trying to build an open and flat organization / environment. If you are interested, please feel free to come and visit the office.