What we do

With over 3 decades of consulting experiences,MSG Frontier Consultancy is an organization which provides quality solutions in areas of wealth accumulation and risks management. We strive to exceed clients' expectation by understanding their needs and wants through face-to-face discussion. What Makes Our Company Product or Service Special? Our services and products are tailored specific to the demography of individuals,families,enterprise and international clients, be it in futures protection savings or business planning. Clients will be provided with bi-annual progress report. Medical concierge services are also made available exclusively for existing clients.

Why we do

Company's Vision: We help each other to be successful in our business and treat all members with love and respect. Philosophy: Our philosophy behind the company vision is to encourage members to learn and grow through continuous progressive courses,improving their main role of client-consultant relationships to achieve excellent results. Our team members are motivated and driven towards this vision,not only for professional excellence but also to develop lifelong interpersonal skills.

How we do

Company culture: With a good mix of local and foreign talents within our team,some of our team members are entry-level while others transition from different careers.We come together as one,with no judgements or discrimination among each other but only one goal in mind - We strive to work smart and diligently with improved overall clients' satisfaction experience while maintaining a work-life balance.