What we do

At Modular InfoTech, we are known for our in-depth research in language solutions in India. We pride ourselves in pioneering the development of the largest library of Indian Language fonts in the world of over 3,800 fonts for the 10 Indian languages and also Arabic, Sindhi, Russian and Sinhala.

Why we do

With the growing demand for digitalisation in the world, we have expanded our business to focus on digitalisation in order to assist various business sectors to convert their documents into digital formats for easy access and retrieval. Having become an experienced digitisation service provider, Modular InfoTech has opened offices in Singapore in 2008 and in Hong Kong in 2013. Our outsourcing solutions cover all activities related to data and documents, such as digitization, OCR/ICR, data conversion, data entry, data capture, forms processing, document management and workflow management. In the 8 years that we have been doing data and document management, we have gathered significant expertise in verticals like marine, healthcare, education and government.

How we do

We believe in a process-oriented approach in providing our services by planning efficient workflow and support systems, which translates into quality output and quicker delivery. We have made significant contributions in marine industries in both Singapore and Hong Kong by assisting more than 85 companies to digitalise their technical manuals and drawings of vessels. We are proud to say that Modular Infotech is the only company in the world to have digitised more than 1500 vessels for the Marine Industry.