What we do

MindFi's mission is to build positive and productive workplaces with greater mental wellbeing. Through our family of apps and services, we're helping companies to build a more mindful workplace culture for their employees around the world, give them access to practical and relevant wellbeing tools, connect them with supportive peers or professionals, and help employers and leaders to develop more sustainable people-centric programs and policies.

Why we do

Corporate Wellness starts with a workforce with “fit minds” and is the core of successful and sustainable organizations. Our Vision for Wellness Wellness matters. Our wellness determines our quality of life and directly affects our actions and emotions. At MindFi, we promote “Mind Fitness” because there’s no wellness without a fit mind. Our performance and productivity at work is a direct result of our overall wellness and there’s a huge void between being well and requiring professional assistance. Employers and Human Resources can fill that void by building a culture of wellness and cultivating self-care habits amongst employees. MindFi was founded with a vision to build positive minds and productive workplaces. We make Corporate Wellness measurable and actionable while empowering employees with holistic wellbeing to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

How we do

Our integrated corporate wellness programs entail a MindFi app driven wellness challenge to engage employees, expert-led workshop to educate managers and science-based corporate wellness analytics to empower employers.