What we do

Mencast Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries (“Mencast” or the “Group”) is a regional Engineering and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) solutions provider. We also have growing business in waste remediation, recycling and manufactured products. Headquartered in Singapore, our Group was successfully listed in June 2008 as the first sponsor-approved listing on Singapore’s SGX Catalist and later became the first such company to transfer to the SGX Mainboard. From its establishment in 1981, the Group has grown into a leader in the manufacture and repair of propellers and sterngear equipment and has built on its core competencies to steadily expand business into new areas. These include waste management as well as innovation driven businesses. Mencast constantly innovates to create customer value and drive sustainable business growth. In 2017, Mencast Innovation Centre Pte. Ltd. (“MIC”) was established as an incubator that provides mentorship, facilities and networking opportunities for growth companies synergistic with our Group. Mencast will continue to seek technology driven growth opportunities in MRO, environmental remediation, manufacturing and the recycling of waste products.

Why we do

AT THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS WE KNOW... We keep economies moving. Mencast Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiary corporations’ (“Mencast” or the “Group”) businesses support the movement of global goods and overall supply chain. These include stern gear manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) and the remediation and recycling of materials and wastes related to manufacturing and transport. We also have a growing innovation and manufacturing division focused on sustainable products and solutions.

How we do

We believe our 4 Service Principles and 6 Pillar of Strengths will help us continually succeed in what we do. 4 Service Principles: 1. We work hard to retain our technical expertise 2. We always seek solutions 3. We look out for one another 4. We focus on developing and maintaining long-term customer relationships 6 Pillar of Strengths: 1. Commercially Minded/Corporate Ethos 2. Full Engagement 3. Responsiveness/Speed 4. Superior Technical Ability 5. Resourceful/Solution Oriented/Dependability 6. Environmental Championship