What we do

MadSoft Solutions Pte Ltd was formed in 2006 to provide inventory management and accounting solutions to more than 500 businesses. MadSoft accounting offer real time information, reliable and trusted by all our customers. Also, our Inventory is flexible, dependable and easy to incorporate into customer’s businesses no matter the size of the business, either it is a small trading business or a large company with several branches.

Why we do

In MadSoft Solutions Pte Ltd, we believe in teamwork, building honest and ethical relationships with our customers and employees who take the initiative to start the right actions without being told. Commitment to get the job done and the right skill sets to ensure work is done right.

How we do

The various arms of our company; namely sales team, the development team, the accountants, the product specialist, and the support team work hand in hand to support each other to deliver solutions to our customers. We have trained our support staff to assimilate the problems and needs of customers to offer the required solution to our customers. They undergo constant training and upgrading to develop the right competency and skill sets to provide the best solutions to our customers.